Send Short Message and Multimedia Message to TV For offline viewing click here (444 KB) to download the sample movie.
Another Offline version can be downloaded from here (3.32 MB).
Note: Speed has been increased to minimize the size of this movie.
The screen shot you can see here is captured from the application that was developed by me. This application runs on a general purpose Personal Computer. SMS (received form Mobile/Cell phones) are shown at bottom that slide through in the horizontal direction. Same is the case for MMS, the application also displays the still image/photo (for instance captured from mobile phone) or movie clip sent through MMS. Besides English, the application can also handle text in Arabic/Farsi/Urdu language.
The numbers shown in Orange/Golden area cycle at fixed interval and show the number to add/dial from different countries.
This screen is merged with the 'Live Video' through scan converter. So the result is like a news ticker shown in any popular news channel.
This application uses multithreading and is of high quality. A lot of effort has been made to make sure it is robust. (obviously TV viewers will not be interested in watching crashes or error messages, right!)