Dated: 20-October-2007

Urdu Bar is a plugin that works in Internet Explorer & FireFox, It enables the user to write Urdu (Arabic & Farsi) Language Scripts.

Spread FireFox / Support Open Source:

I have more than 9 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. I have developed numerous software applications that are internet based (web based). Currently more than half of the internet users use Internet Explorer as their default web browser. Firefox is becoming popular with the passage of time. I personally use FireFox as main browser and I recommend you to use it as well.

Here are the supporting points for FireFox.

- Firefox is free software and you can get its source code as well.
- Firefox is available for multiple operating systems (e.g. Linux, Windows etc.)
- Firefox is known to be a comparatively 'safe' browser.
- Firefox provides easy to use interface (& powerful) for searching of text within the rendered web page.
- Firefox provides a portable version as well. For example, you can configure Firefox to run on USB Flash Drive, this means that you can take your Firefox browser along with you to where ever you want. Search for "firefox portable" for more info.
- Firefox supports multiple 'Themes/Skins'.
- Firefox supports a large amount of extensions/addons.
- Firefox is very much complaint with web (internet) standards.
- Firefox provides an easy to use Download Manager.
- Firefox provides 'spell checker' feature for textboxes.
- Firefox does not "crash" frequently and if it does, it opens the last accessed web page.

Click here to download FireFox.

Click here to view comparison of web browsers (Urdu Unicode Text)